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Texture and Dimension: Incorporating 3D Tiles for Engaging Displays

Texture adds depth and visual interest to tile displays, making them more engaging and captivating. This article focuses on the use of 3D tiles to create textured displays that stand out. From textured accent walls to sculptural tile installations, 3D tiles bring a tactile element to the display, enticing customers to touch and explore. By incorporating 3D tiles in displays, retailers can showcase the versatility and unique design possibilities that textured tiles offer.

Color Play: Vibrant Tile Displays to Infuse Energy and Personality

Color is a powerful tool in design, and it can be used to create impactful tile displays. This article explores the concept of vibrant tile displays, showcasing bold and energetic color combinations. From monochromatic displays to contrasting color schemes, vibrant tile displays grab attention and inject personality into any space. By incorporating vibrant tile displays, retailers can inspire customers to embrace color and consider bolder choices for their own projects.