Tile Display Rack

Porcelain tile display rack

We provide perfect function of push & pull-out rack, page turning rack, rotation rack and slot rack. sliding rack, waterfall rack, combination and other ways of flooring tile display racks and wall tile holder frame. first, a variety of shapes display syster, humanized, artistic design, easy installation, low price and reliable quality. can be customized display ideas according to requirements.

Besides, make full use of tile showroom and shop space to display plenty of ceramic tile sample. Advanced design style, high quality steel structure stability. Next, the smooth page turning tile display units can hold a lot of weight. According to demand to customize the number of page turns, size and  thickness.

Further, root customer needs customization, as far as possible to achieve efficient space utilization, easy to install, easy to disassemble. It can readily change the display environment, improve the utilization rate.

Finally, our tile display racks use high quality materials Acrylic or Metal Steel. Excellent design of the porcelain tile display rack, specialized in customization, production, packaging, transportation.